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returned their census forms. the breakdown also looks good for the washington region. in virginia, 57% of the forms have been returned. while in maryland, 54% of household forms have been returned. in the district, the number is 47%. but if you are one of the millions that have yet to return yours, you may want to get on that. tracie potts is working the big story this afternoon and is live on capitol hill. hi, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon. today is not the deadline day yes. those numbers for maryland and virginia look good. they are above the national average. but this year, census officials say they think they may have a little more difficulty tracking people down because of the housing crisis. ♪ you probably heard those hip new ads and should have the census form by now. the government counts everyone live something the u.s. through april 1st which means this newborn will be one of the last ones counted. local officials are making a big deal at rallies all over the country today and here is why. >> every missed resident could lose $13,000. >> reporter: all about the money.
virginia community koeps with tragedy. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. drilling began late tuesday and continues at this hour to save those four trapped men. prettiers are working to clear enough poisonous gas from the upper big branch mine in west virginia to help rescue workers begin entering and searching. investigators believe an accumulation of the gas may have contributed to the blast. it killed at least 25 miners, making it the worst u.s. mining accident in more than two decades. crews have been drilling holes into the mine in an effort to vent methane. we begin our coverage with steve handelsman. he is live near the scene of this deadly explosion in naoma, west virginia. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening. here at the upper big branch mine complex, short time ago, officials were bringing us up to date. not a lot of ee norm us headline material but they did confirm when they first punched threw the mine, atmosphere in there was as they feared and expected, contaminated badly with methane. if the four guys alive, they would only be alive if they m
. live in vince, la larks i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> northern virginia congressman jim moran says today he asked the interior secretary to reconsider a allowing offshore drilling. in the letter congressman moran says regardless of ideology the situation should give everyone pause regarding expansion of offshore drilling. it is becoming increasingly likely the gulf states are looking at an economic and environmental disaster not seen since the exx"exxon valdez." moran says virginia's fishing and coastal tourism industries are vital to the economy. and if exploration off the virginia coast. make sure the scope of the problems is understood before any drilling permits or leases are allowed. >>> there may now be a criminal probe of the company that runs the west virginia mine where 29 people died earlier this month. a federal law enforce many official says that the fbi has interviewed nearly t two dozen former and current massey energy employees. the official says the fbi is looking for evidence that the richmond based company engaged in criminal negligence
in maryland and virginia. and it would repeal registration requirements. >>> we are following more breaking news this afternoon out of prince george's county at this hour. a school bus in college park snagged on some low-lying power lines and got tangled up in those lines. this is taking place in college park near the intersection of route 1 and guilford road. officials say there were about 40 students onboard heading home from hyattsville middle school. none of the students reportedly had been injured. crews were able to move the bus but the students are remaining onboard the bus until it is safe to get off again. this is happening in college park near the intersection of route 1 and guilford road. >> dicey situation there. >>> to our top story. bret michaels remains in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage. doctors plan further testing to help pinpoint the source of the brain hemorrhage. that's keeping bret michaels in intensive care. >> michaels is a competitor on nbc's "celebrity apprentice." today the creator and star of the show donald trump, add
underground again. steve handelsman is working our big story this afternoon live from naoma, west virginia. >> reporter: thanks. good afternoon from west virginia. today it is stormy. officials say that may be the cause of their setback. with the barometric drops, a lot of cold air rushes of the coal mine and left dangerous methane gas seep in through the cold. teach methane in the mine meant more drilling and more pumping as rescue teams feed a hasty retreat. >> this is a it setback. the worst of our three options from a rescue attempt. >> reporter: 32 rescuers had gotten the green light overnight and headed in. miles to go. but back on the surface, tech anythingnitions were getting bad readings. four miners could be taking shellingter, the air turned explosive. too much methane. officials worried about another blast like the one that killed 25 men monday and they pulled the rescue teams 500 feet short of their goal. >> a buildup of noxioknocknoxio we have to get it out of there. >> the atmosphere is not explosive. >> reporter: miner tommy davis survived monday's blast. his mother and his
the hill, steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. >>> new at 4:00, virginia's bob mcdon sell among the governors across the country who have gotten threatening letters from an anti-government group. mcdonnell's office received the letter wednesday and turned it over to the fbi and state police. officials say the governor and his family are secure. the letters prompted an increase in security for governors across the country. the fbi says the letters demand the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. the guard answer of free republic is believed to be behind the letters. >>> students at howard university and the surrounding neighborhoods are on edge after a violent crime on spree. a band of armed masked men moved quickly in the early morning hours on thursday. it was a robbery spree that stretched almost -- walter reed army medical center. most of the crimes are concentrated nea hard university. the first one happened inside the school of engineering building on campus. three students will were robbed. howard students are being cautious. >> you get comfortabl
, steve handelsman. he is live maoma, west virginia. >> reporter: the mood is grim because the news is bad. they couldn't drill that hole to get the camera down but got the fires down and now the rescue teams are headed back in. the bad news from the overnight search left a lot of local miners less hopeful. >> it is no good whenever at first you have to be deployed, lets your hopes down a little bit. >> reporter: rescue teams made it to the one chamber. officials had hoped at least three missing miners, maybe all four, had taken refuge. as seen in the optimistic animation. in fact the chamber was still folded, unused. >> as a coal miner, you know what i means when they saw that shelter had not been deployed. >> absolutely, yeah. it means that that was their last chance, refuge, and if it had not been taken, advantage of, then -- chances are, like i said, are slim to none that we are going to see those guys again. >> reporter: monday's explosion had been hot. fire still burned. blocking rescuers' way to the second chamber and were ordered out. >> it is very emotional for all the rescuers. w
inside that west virginia coal mine to figure out what caused an explosion that killed 29 workers. that's because high levels of dangerous gases are still inside and one investigator says it could be coming from a fire somewhere inside the mine. meanwhile, a public memorial service is planned for this sunday in beckley, west virginia. the president and vice president are planning to tand twonchlgts men accused in connection with the mass shootings are set to appear in court. they were arrested and charged in the drive-by that killed four people and injured five others last month. and the police are looking for a fifth suspect. meanwhile, a 14-year-old originally charged in the shootings was publicly exonerated yesterday. generating anger among some of the victims' families. news4's tracee wilkins reports. >> as the investigation progressed, there was definitely development among the witnesses in terms of the interand what they were saying. >> reporter: one of the developments led to the exoneration of a 14-year-old who police originally fingered as the getaway driver in the deadliest ma
as tuscaloosa, alabama. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has high hopes for the commonwealth's tourism industry. and what it can do for the local economy here. he spoke about virginia's tourism summit today in fairfax. governor accounted virginia's rich civil war history as a big draw but he stopped short of making any specific mention of his controversial declaration of april as confederate history month. he also said that tourism will play a big role in balancing the budget. >> tourism can make a big difference so every room night, every ticket to king's dominion, every time somebody visits the park, it is revenues that visit the prif al at sector, create tax revenues for the state. >> governor mcdonnell also talked about push to get more virginians to take vacations within the commonwealth. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley was in college park continuing his jobs across maryland's tour. he said at the university of maryland to talk about the importance of a efficient government. new die that puts maryland at the top of a list in the country of states with jobs with huge growth f
to inspire other people to do the best they could. >> reporter: height was born in richmond, virginia in 1912. over the years she excelled in academics, marched with martin luther king jr. are and led the national council of negro women for decades. ♪ tributes and words that included a nod to height's signature style of colorful hats. >> she loved her flowers, she loved her hats, and she loved her daily sweat potatoes. >> we came to love her as so many -- loved her. love her sto we loved her smile. we loved those hats she wore like a crown. >> reporter: a final farewell to a woman ahead of her time. michelle franzen, nbc news. >> dr. height was buried at ft. lincoln cemetery in maryland. >>> the service was open to the public. many people said they were there to celebrate, not mourn, dr. height's life. >> i'm so excited and this is just -- it is history. and i'm just glad to be here. >> she is an icon. this is a civil rights icon. i have the honor to be here in person. i got a particular. amazing day only being 19, thinking of how much time i have to make an impact, i'm excited. i'm inspire
virginia. all moving to the east-southeast. what we are going to see is temperatures dropping off into the 80s where they are now. and we will get probably most of our showers and storm after about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. severe thunderstorm watch to our north now. watch for maybe a few embedded severe thunderstorm warnings that could come out of this early in the evening. there's your good night forecast. we drop to 70 by 11 clock p.m. wait until you see the temperatures coming up. jim and pat, i will have them in a few. >> we will see you then. veronica, thank you. >>> new at 4:00, one of the officers suspended in that prince george's county police beating probe has now been identified. police tell us sergeant sean mcilevey was not involved in the videotape beating but did process the paperwork of the arrest of mckenna. mckenna was charged for assault for striking a mounted officer and his horse during street celebrations after maryland's victory over duke at a basketball game last month. the charges against mckenna were dropped after video surfaced that shows him being beaten. >>> ne
. you can wake up with úú >>> team of fifth graders from ashburn, virginia is being honored. the four students from virginia academy came up with a design for a food buddy -- food pathogen detection device for residential and family use. this invention would use sensors to detect bacteriases in food. the students jack dudley, bailey matias, patel. they will compete next month. good luck. way to go. >> good for them. >>> good for us. the weather was pretty good to us today. >> that it was. considering yesterday the gray skies and showers across the area. we talked about yesterday, how it was, you know, week ago our first 90. last wednesday, it was our second 90 of the year. at least we are not caught in the 50s. outside we can get the return of sunshine across the area. we started the day with a little bit of mist on the heels of the easterly wind and there was pockets of fog you a round the area, too. blue skies now with temperatures that have squeaked up into the 60s through the area. reagan national airport right now at 63 degrees. humidity, 36%. wind out of the east-southeast. just
in an explosion at the massey upper big branch mine in west virginia. poor ventilation and buildup of methane gas believed to have been factors. there's a history of safety violations at the mine which the president calls troubling. the president had a stern message for companies that he says aren't doing enough. >> failure first and foremost of management but also a failure of oversight and in a failure of laws so riddled with loopholes they allowed unsafe conditions to continue. >> president obama asked the secretary of labor to streamline the rules that prove mining company committed a pattern of violations. the move would help the mine's safety agency pinpoint ongoing problems. >>> new at 4:00, time is about to expire on cheap parking in the city of alexandria. city leaders there are planning to raise parking rates this fall. they could go up as much as 75 cents above the current $1 per hour rate. officials also tell us they want to increase the number of parking spaces in old town. extend the hours that meters can be in force and install credit card friendly parking kiosks. it is all in an e
for help to find a man who may be a witness in the shooting death of a college student from virginia at his school in texas. 18-year-old jaoshua mccackle wa killed. police say a man named curry mccullum was at that party. police believe he's back in this area and drives a blue-green dodge magnum with maryland plates. >>> a northern virginia community is still reeling from the tragic loss of a father who died after a freak accident during a softball game. george crist was 55 years old. loudoun county fire officials say he was pitching in a softball game at the potomac lakes sportsplex when a softball hit him in the neck on a line drive. the ball apparently ruptured an artery in his neck. he died several hours later at the hospital. his pastor and family members remembered him as a phatter who dedicated his life to giving back to others. more on that story tonight on news 4 at 5:00. >>> police at george mason university are investigating allegations of a sex assault inside a dormitory. investigators tell us a female student reported that a man she knew assaulted her inside maldson dorm early
will receive friends and well-wishers at a visitation later this evening in manassas, virginia. it will take place from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight at the pierce funeral home located at 9609 center street. the public is welcomed. a funeral service and burial are set for tomorrow and will be private. >>> d.c.'s schools will hold a public memorial for brian betts on saturday, may 1, car zoez a senior high in northwest washington. a day of service will take place for betts tomorrow at the school that he led shaw at garnett patterson. the tribute will be held for students, parents, and staff at the school a week from tomorrow. >>> court documents show that a tumultuous relationship may have sparked a fatal shooting of a frostburg state basketball player. brandon carroll of waldorf was shot and killed early sunday near campus. teammate ellis hartridge of southeast d.c. was also shot. according to court records, hartridge's former girlfriend also used to date the alleged shooter, tyrone hall. hartridge and the former girlfriend, have protective orders against each other. police tell us hall claims he sho
air marshal from northern virginia is charged with raping a woman at gunpoint while wearing his badge. the alleged incident happened saturday at a hotel near seattle-tacoma international airport. 30-year-old omar settles of herndon threaten ad woman described as an escort with a gun. investigators say that he forced her to have sex, telling her he was a u.s. marshal. the tsa says settles has been fired. he's being held on $250,000 bail in the king county jail in seattle. >>> metro riders may be facing higher fares and reduced service as the agency struggles to close a huge budget gap. metro has the budget shortfall of $189 million. board members say fare increases and service cuts could help to ease that. according to reports interim general manager feld wants to raise rail fares to a minimum of $1.95 during peak hours and that's up la 30 cents. the longest trips could cost as much as $5. bus fare wobs $1.50 for smart trip users and that's 25 cent increase. and parking would cost 50 cents more. >>> it is an exciting day here at news4 in case you noticed. we have a new home here. >> we
. >> the investigation into what caused a raging inferno at a popular vacation spot in virginia. >>> also we will tell you what investigators say is to blame for the deadly mid-air collision last summer over the hudson river. >>> stay with us. news4 live in hd coming right back. >>> welcome back. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here are some of the big stories we are following right now. two people are dead after a plane from frederick, maryland, crashed in kentucky. a plane headed for mississippi when it went down yesterday afternoon. investigators arrived at the crash scene today looking for the cause. >>> prince george's county police want to hear from a tipster who called them about a home invasion murder. it happened last september in an upscale bowie subdivision. police say that three masked men burst into a home on majerle drive. the homeowner, 38-year-old tyrone richardson, was killed. >>> it was a tough early commute for some metro riders. two incidents delayed the morning trains. a cracked rail was discovered near the nailer road station on the green line. permanent repairs will be m
after last week's deadly explosion in west virginia have now been recovered. overnight the bodies of nine miners that were still on the ground were removed from the upper big branch mine. a total of 29 were killed and the -- in the worst mining disaster in 25 years. a buildup of methane gas is believed to be the cause of the blast. west virginia's governor is now asking a former federal mine safety official to conduct an independent investigation into the tragedy. >>> the body of the first lady of poland arrived in warsaw today. marc both were killed along with 94 others in a plane crash in russia over the weekend. they will lie in state together. the presidential palace for public viewing. there is a state fun ral planned for this weekend. >>> when "news4 at 4:00" continues this afternoon, coming up, troubling trends. >> more concerns about vehicles made by toyota and consumer reports are now urging people not to buy certain cars. >>> at 4:30, a teenage girl murdered by an alleged sex offender, now her parents are taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen to anyone else. >>>
a full recovery. >>> family and friends are mourning the loss of a student from front royal, virginia. 18-year-old joshua died after being shot at a party near texas southern university in houston where he was a freshman. police are still looking for the shootner this case. >> a local communityç')jr' mourning today after two teenagers were killed in an assistant. the van they were in hit a tree. both teens later tied from their injuries.xd . >>> gun activists say they need to remind the government that they have a constitutional right to bear arms. they held rallies today in washington and nourn virginia to protest what they describe as the government's intent to take away their firearms and their rights. at one event,Ñi participants brought guns to emphasize their point. here's news 4's brian mooar. >> reporter: not far from the u.s. capitol, two rallies, and one message by supporters of gun rights to their government. >> we have the first and second amendment right for a reason and we're not afraid to exercise them. >> reporter: in washington a series of speeches. >> just across the r
, virginia. well, we are under some clear skies right now. albeit a few high clouds across southern maryland. a few cumulus clouds tonight during the overnight period. that same weather front that came through the area will be moving back to the north. those 70s will be dropping through the 50s for tomorrow. here's a look at your good night forecast. clouds moving in. we drop to 57 degrees by about midnight. i'll be back with your seven-day foir cast in a few. >> there are new details today in the murder of a 3-year-old and her mother in an alexandria high rise. their bodies were found yesterday in a 14th floor apartment on south reynolds street. the suspect, 34-year-old violated a stay away order. the protection order was still in effect. anifa is the father of the child. he's facing first degree murder charges. >>> a 12-year-old is facing weapons charges after police say he brought a handgun to school. the boy is a student at potomac middle school in dumfries. police tell us he carried the gun on a school bus in the morning. when he got off the bus he pulled the gun from his pocket and poi
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